Multifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome Myers

Tax Missteps - Larry Pendleton, CPA

February 22, 2022 Jerome Myers - The Preeminent Authority on Dream Realization
Multifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome Myers
Tax Missteps - Larry Pendleton, CPA
Show Notes

Let’s talk about tax - that three-letter word is daunting for many people, but when you are guided by a professional, it doesn’t have to be too intimidating. It’s truly discouraging not to acquire the expected income due to unanticipated deductions, so having a professional leading you can help limit this frustration. Larry Pendleton talks about his mission as a CPA – helping people achieve financial freedom through real estate and taxes. He highlights the need for real estate investors to create their tax strategy to successfully grow investments.

[00:01 - 06:06] Opening Segment 

  • Larry Pendleton on accountancy and being meticulous
  • Getting started with real estate investing
  • Striking the balance to leverage rentals

[06:07 - 13:45] The Disclaimer “Talk to Your Tax Advisor”

  • The misconceptions of incentive systems as LPs
  • Knowledge is not as assurance for smooth application
  • Leveraging other deals for potential offsetting

[13:46 - 21:02] Crafting a Tax Strategy to Grow Investments

  • Why TurboTax may not be the best option
  • Conversations to have with your advisor
  • The audit side of real estate investing

[21:03 - 25:39] Closing Segment

  • Have an advisor to limit frustrations
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Who knows if your tax advisor is fully aware of how the tax law works when it comes to real estate?... It becomes this conundrum… How does it all relate to you? It’s when you have to kind of sit down and get the consultation that's needed.” - Larry Pendleton, CPA

“You're not going to go to urgent care for heart surgery, and you're not going to go to a dentist if you have a foot problem. So you have to find the right specialist… If you're not getting the value that you're expecting to get, like, those are the upfront conversations that you may be having with whoever is potentially going to be your advisor.” - Larry Pendleton, CPA

“My mission in life is to help as many people achieve financial freedom through real estate and taxes.” - Larry Pendleton, CPA

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