Multifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome Myers

The Third Time is the Charm - Bo Goebel

February 09, 2021 Jerome Myers - The Preeminent Authority on Dream Realization Episode 59
Multifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome Myers
The Third Time is the Charm - Bo Goebel
Show Notes

Failures always have silver linings if you only know where to look at. Those silver linings are often directions that lead to the path to success. However, among those who have found a silver lining, only a handful of people take action. A fraction of those people try and try then, after seeing failures again, completely give up.

People like Bo Goebel belong to the few determined ones who have managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel even after several setbacks. May this episode remind you then that the path to success is not a straight line. In most cases, it’s full of ups and downs. 

[00:01 - 04:29] Opening Segment 

  • I welcome today’s guest, Bo Goebel
  • Find Bo at the links below
  • His path from the Army to real estate 

[04:30 - 10:26] Preparation is the Key 

  • Why commercial multifamily is the best wealth-building vehicle now
  • The biggest reason a deal can fail 
  • The “old-school” mentalities you should drop already

[10:27 - 21:28] Third Time's the Charm

  • This deal was an “educational piece” for Bo
    • Hear his story 
  • Syndication is not only applicable to commercial multifamily
    • Bo explains
  • The most fulfilling aspect of closing a deal

[21:29 - 26:43] A Positive State of Mind

  • Bo walks us through their onboarding process
  • Bo’s solutions avoid another multifamily misstep 
  • Don’t miss his words of wisdom for us

[26:44 - 27:41] Closing Segment

  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“The most important aspect to any success in life is a positive state of mind.” - Bo Goebel

“That love and appreciation for everybody is gonna be the marker of success.” - Bo Goebel

Resources Mentioned

You can connect with Bo by emailing him at You can also get in touch with him on LinkedIn. Check out Riverside Investment Group to learn more about their work. 

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