Multifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome Myers

Being Socially Awkward on Social Media - Yonah Weiss

December 21, 2021 Jerome Myers - The Preeminent Authority on Dream Realization
Multifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome Myers
Being Socially Awkward on Social Media - Yonah Weiss
Show Notes

As entrepreneurs, we always look for ways to network. We go to events, send emails, and find out whatever ways to establish connection. However, do we utilize the free resources already available to us? Yonah Weiss tells how we may be overlooking this opportunity. Cyberspace is a tool to build our presence and if we position ourselves professionally, we can build a brand that would invite people to reach out to us instead of us needing to chase them. Capitalize this social landscape, be cognizant in proper online profiling, and network more efficiently.

[00:01 - 04:19] Opening Segment 

  • Welcoming back Yonah Weiss for the second time
  • Helping people save money on their income tax through real estate

[04:20 - 11:10] Capitalizing the Free Virtual Space for Network

  • How Linkedin can work for you and your business
  • Reasons to be cognizant in online profiling for network
  • Resources you may be wasting in building your personal brand

[11:11 - 23:55] How Not to be Socially Awkward on Social Media

  • Who you are and what you do - the online world vs. real life
  • Becoming top of mind through value proposition
  • Experimental rebranding through repurposing talent

[23:56 - 25:05] Closing Segment

  • Do not waste a great tool for networking
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“People need to be cognizant of the fact that the internet is a real thing. And your online presence is a very real thing. And if you're going to do business with anyone, even not business…People are going to look you up.” - Yonah Weiss

“It's [Linkedin] a free website, that's really what it is. It is a landing page for you, for your brand, [and] for your business.” - Yonah Weiss

“Building your online presence is building your personal brand. And your personal brand is your online version of yourself. And you want people to relate to you how you would like to be portrayed.” - Yonah Weiss

“Adding value should be the main component, main ingredient to everything you're doing online.” - Yonah Weiss

“Maybe a question is always a really good thing to put in a post. Because it invokes engagement, you want to start to build an audience and build a community. And the way you do that is by having dialogue and putting thoughtful questions out there.” - Yonah Weiss

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